Pink and Blue

After the phenomenal success of Pink, the producers are now working on a sequel, called Blue. 
Blue will present the other side of the gender argument, by way of a similar storyline, of stark realism and characteristic candor. In which, 3 young women from Delhi will ask their boyfriends to accompany them on a fateful Saturday, for a full day of Diwali shopping. 
The men in question will say ‘NO‘,and will proceed to hang out with each other, drinking beer and generally making merry, through the day. 
This will lead to emotional blackmail, psychological torture and the denial of certain carnal comforts. Not to mention the relentless raking up of forgettable past events in which the men have belittled, betrayed or bemeaned them. All of which will finally drive the befuddled men to the doors of a retired manic-depressive lawyer, urging him to prove in a court of law that when a man says ‘NO’, he means ‘NO’. Which is not just a word but a complete sentence unto itself. A word which needs no further spashtikaran, vyakhya or any other unpronounceable Sanskrit word to add weight to it. 
Needless to say, Mr Bachchan has been offered the role of the lawyer again but he hasn’t confirmed his acceptance yet. He said he will have to check with Mrs Bachchan before saying ‘yes‘.😅🙏


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