Total Prizes Announced for PV Sindhu

​Everybody wants to ride the Women Empowerment bandwagon !!

Total Prizes Announced for PV Sindhu : 
1. AP Govt 3 crores

2. Telangana Govt 5 Crores. 

3. Delhi Govt 2 Crores 

4. MP Govt 50 Lakhs

5. All India Football Federation 5 Lakhs

6. Bharat Petroleum 75 Lakhs

7. Salman Khan 25 Lakhs

8. Badminton Association of India 50 Lakhs

9. Mukkattu Sebastian, An Indian Businessman 5 Million USD

10. Olympic Association of India 30 Lakhs 

11. Haryana Govt 50 Lakhs

12. Railway Ministry 50 Lakhs

13. About 2000 Square Yards of Land in AP and Telangana. 

14. Grade 1 Government Job in both Telangana and Andra Pradesh. 

15. A BMW Beemer worth 2 Crores by sachin

16. Mahindra to gift her their top in the line SUV 

17. 3-4 Builders in AP have announced Flats as a gift to Sindhu and her parents. 

18. One of the to top Jewellery chain to sign Sindhu as their Brand Ambassador
Wonder what Abhinav Bindra or Yogeshwar Dutt ever got !!!

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